Ten Characteristics Of Good Leadership

What are the ten characteristics of good leadership?

Is your leadership better enough to be called a good leader?

Do you think you possess any good qualities of a good leader?

Anyone can be a leader, but can anyone be a good leader?

I have noticed that good leaders have certain core personality traits.

Characteristics of good leadership

Many of us want to be a good leader.

Many leaders aspire to lead effectively.

A lot of hopes are trapped on to them to bring change for the betterment of the organization.

But what are characteristics of making a good leader? Here are the ten characteristics of good leadership:

1. Vision

When leaders have vision, they know where they are headed to; with this subordinates will also have a direction. Being a good leader must consider the future. Leaders must view their selves as what they could be

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2. Knowledgeable

Good leaders must be smart. They need to have knowledge when running an organization. He must be knowledgeable enough to solve problems encountered by the team. A highly knowledgeable leader is very significant of becoming a good leader.

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3. Confident

How can a good leader hold an organization if he or she is not confident? It is very essential for a leader to be confident. He must believe in his own capabilities. He must trust every decision he make in order to lead effectively.

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4. Persistent

A persistent leader is what makes a good leader. He must be persistent in his goals and vision. A good leader is determined in pursuing his goals.

They must be able to understand that their will be hardships and challenges encountered along the way, but despite all of this they will still see the benefits behind the hardships.

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5. Maturity

A good leader is physically, mentally and emotionally matured. He must be able to adapt to changes. He must be able to handle this with ease.

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6. Charismatic

It is effective for a leader is he is charismatic. A good leader brings energy and laughter to the organization. A very charming leader captivates the hearts of his subordinates and molds them into their personalities.

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7. Wise

A good leader must be wise. He must be sharp and sensitive. A good leader needs to face crucial decisions at the point of their organization. Having the insight to make the right decision is very significant in an organization.

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8. Good Communicators

An effective communication is very significant in good leadership. It is very important for a leader to listen by heart and not just by ear. They must know how to speak to the public and influence the people with their message.

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9. Integrity

A good leader means what he always says. They always keep their word. They have integrity. They keep their promises. They are viewed as trustworthy.

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10. Firm but fair

A good leader is firm with his rules but fair to everyone. He does not have any favorite in the group and teats everyone fairly. Being a good leader distributes task to his subordinates fairly.

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These are the characteristics of a good leader.

You don’t have to acquire all of this in order to be a good leader but at lease you acquire these qualities more.

Also, you may acquire some of the qualities stronger than the others.

But always put in your mind that you do not have to be a perfect leader, you just need to be a good and effective leader.

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