Laissez Faire Leadership

                Laissez faire leadership is a type of leadership where the leaders permit team members to decide. This type of leadership was described by Lewin, Lippitt, and White. They have labeled it as “hands-off”. Leaders are hands-off in decision making process. The most important value on laissez faire is TRUST. Leaders trust their team members in each decision they made. The leader focuses on his own actual report and doesn’t mind what his people are doing and what his people have done. He is just concern about his own and on the management aspect.


Laissez Faire Leadership

                Laissez faire is a type of leadership leads to low productivity because team members are not monitored well by the leaders because of:

Ø  Low guidance

Ø  Complete freedom of the team members to make decisions even without approval from the leader.

Ø  The team members are anticipated to solve problems on their own.

Ø  The leader provides the materials that subordinates need in order to accomplish their goals.


Laissez faire leadership is effective when:

Ø  When the subordinates are responsive, highly skilled, experiences and have initiative.

Ø  When the subordinates work hard in achieving their goals.

Ø  When team members are trustworthy.


Laissez faire should not be used when:

Ø  The team members lack knowledge

Ø  When the subordinates lack skills and experience.

Ø  When the team members doesn’t know how to complete their task and meet deadlines.


All leaders possess the same attitude whether they used different type of leadership. Whether they use, democratic, laissez faire , bureaucratic, task-oriented and many more, you should know who your leader is. You should assess his capabilities in leading, with this you will be able to know if your organization will be successful or not. Also, the success of the organization would not totally depend on the leader but also on the team members.


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