Importance of ethics in leadership

When we think of ethics in leadership you may think of the lack of ethics with some of the business sandals you have read and heard about in the national news, or in your local news. This may make you think ethics are dead or… at least not important any more; after all if large successful business ABC did that and was successful then what does it matter to my business or leadership?

There are those stores of those that have fallen from ethics in their business, but I say you can have better leadership and personal calmnesswith keeping integrity in every part of your life. One definition of the word integrity that I like is like the math term integer (whole number, no decimal), for us it is being a whole person don’t have one set of values when you are at home, another at work, another at church and on. Be the same person everywhere.

How does this effect leadership? Of course as a leader we lead and leading is not tell it is showing. Those we lead are going to see our actions and use them as a base for what they do. If you come in late, then they won’t see coming in time as important and may come in late, and if you bust them on this you will only lose respect from them from you doing one thing and saying another.

A side problem with ethics in leadership is that people are not always clear on if something is ethical or not. This is in part because of all the bad roll models we have in today’s world. What is the solution for this in your leadership? Decide upon what standards you and your team (how ever big the group you are leading is) are going to go by and write them down, make them known to every member of the team. Make sure it is written in a simple style that is easy to understand and act upon, other wise it will just be ignored.

Remember just because there are others doing less does not mean you are going to let the poll you down, if you want to be an effective leader you need integrity in you and your leadership.

Action steps:

  • look at your self first, see where you can improve you ethics leaders know you can always improve.
  • decide your standards live by them first, then share with your team you may even let them help making the value list.
  • write them down for every member to see. Make sure they are written simple to understand and act on.

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