Autocratic Leadership Style

What is this?

Autocratic Leadership style is a form of leadership where the leader is the one who commands his members. The members of the team are expected to follow the leader and they are not permitted to make any suggestions and comments. The leader is in full control of the team. He has total authority when it comes to decision making.

Martha Stewart and Howell Raines are the famous autocratic leaders. They are very demanding and meticulous but they are successful in their endeavors using the autocratic leadership style. Some analyst says that there demanding style allowed them to flourish in a competitive environment such as entertainment industry.

Martha Stewart And Rowell Haines

It is Useful When...

Autocratic leadership is useful when the members of the team are very passive and dependent unto others. In group projects, a strong leadership is needed. Without it, no one gets full understanding of what needs to be done.

Autocratic leadership is useful during emergency cases where one leads others of what needs to be accomplished such as fires. Whenever there is a fire, most people get panic and forget what to do.

A leader must stand out and mandate everyone to put the fire down. Decisions are made quickly and get the work done. It is best used when control to an area is necessary, where situations are dangerous, rigid rules can keep people away from harm.

This kind of leadership style fits for rigid organizations such as military.


Autocratic leadership has decreased over the years since it is considered to be a less desirable style. Many organizations using this style of leadership has higher instances of employee absenteeism. Members problems with this style of leadership is that there leaders don't trust them, the point that leaders punish there members to motivate them and there hard work and good work are not even valued.

How to be Effective in autocratic leadership style:

You should keep in mind that you have to be REAL in your members to be an effective autocratic leader.

R – Respect your members. You must bear in mind that you are dealing with people and not with animals. It is very important to respect your subordinates and stay fair. This would make your members realize that they are respected, with these it would keep the just high and bitterness low.

E – Explain. A good communication always makes a good conversation. It is best to explain to your subordinates the procedures and the task that needs to be completed. In this way, they will be able to understand the completed process.

A – Acknowledge.

It is important for the leader to acknowledge the good work of its employee so that employee would be able to feel he is being valued. In that way, it would increase his confidence to the task. It is best to reward every good work done by an employee.

L – Listen.

A good communication starts with listening. Whenever one talks, the other must listen. We all want that our opinions will be heard by our leaders, even if it would not make a big change. It is important the leaders must listen to their subordinates no matter the outcome.

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