Facilitative Leadership Style

what it is- facilitative leadership style can be used well in meetings. This type of leader can get everyone comfortable; get everyone on topic, and open to participate.
To accomplish this style, the Leader must:

Keep a positive accepting environment, if people think that their ideas are going to be attacked if not perfect they will hesitate to share. On the other had if they know that all idea are taken well comely they are open to share more and more.

Lead the direction, supportive is important, but you must also keep the discussions going where you want them , otherwise you will not get all you want accomplished and time will be wasted .

Get everyone involved, a good facilitator will make sure that everyone is getting into the participation, if they find someone is not getting into the participation they will find away to get them involved and some time get some of the best ideas from these shyer members.

What is good - Meetings lead by effective facilitators, are very productive.

  • They cover everything they wanted to cover
  • They get open answers from meeting participants
  • Get participation from every member

Take away for our own leadership- When you are running a meeting and want participation from all the members consider practicing a good facilitative style.

Keep positive, take every suggestion positively, get everyone involved, and keep the meeting on focus.

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